The art of archery and thrown weapons does not end at any Kingdom’s borders.  There is a wealth of knowledge and information throughout the Knowne World waiting to be discovered and shared.  We have provided below links to various SCA and SCA related videos, websites, handbooks, and manuals to assist those who strive to gain knowledge.  It is our hope that these resources will prove useful.  This portion of the website will continually be updated and we will continue to add additional videos as they become available.



New to Archery*
Target Archery – A Gateway Sport*
Target Archery – Training Tips When You Cannot get to the Range*
Examination of Six Medieval Arrow Types*
What was it like to be a Medieval Archer*
Medieval Arrow Construction*
Things to put in your Archer’s Tool Box*
Introduction to Combat Archery*
The Care and Feeding of Crossbow*
Archos Tymme Lytefolow Ludicrous Bowman of An Tir-Observations on SCA Archery*
Archery Myths and Legends*
Recorded Timers
New Archer Tips*
How to Bring in and Keep People in the Society*
Introduction of GAT and SCA score website*
Archery Equipment, Inspection and Maintenance*
Adapted Archery Equipment*
Target Archery Participant Overview*
War Archery and Social Status*
The Noble Art of Archery As Practiced by Nobles*


Introduction to Thrown Weapons*
A&S Thrown Weapons*
How to Throw Sharp Things*
How to Throw Knives and Axes*
The Art of Throwing*
Basic Knife*
Basic Axe*
Incremental Rotational Knife Adjustments*
Axe Distance Control*
Throwing Knife Safety Considerations*
Board Targets*
How to Throw a Spear*
Basic Knife Throwing Techniques*
How to Build an Affordable Spear*\
Thrown at Home Challenge and Review of Safety Rules*
Building Plumbatas and Slings*


What Draw Weight is Good For Me?*
What to Expect with Starting SCA Archery*
Getting started with the Crossbow*
Getting Started with the Atlatl*
Exploring Asiatic Bows in the SCA*
The Japanese Yumi Bow*
Exploring Asiatic Bows in the SCA*
The English Longbow*
Mental Archery*


Aiming and Breathing*
Thumb Draw Technique in Archery*
Aiming Tips*
Adjustments and Corrections While Shooting*
Aiming for Handbows and Cross-Bows*
New Archer Tips*
Precisions Crossbow Shooting*
Aiming in Archery*
Shooting at Ground Targets*
Cross-Bow Shooting Tips*
Cross-Bow Safety*
Handbow Safety*
How to Breathe in Archery*
Mental Archery*
Archer self help tips*
Getting the most of Archery Practice*
Archery Timed Ends*
Timed End Discussions*
Aiming and Breathing*
Bow and Arrow Tuning*
Bow and Arrow Tuning Handout*
Archery Warmups*
How to String a Longbow*
Cross Bow-Arrow and Bolt Maintenace*


Introduction to SCA Combat Archery*
The Need for Speed*
When in Doubt, Keep Moving!*
Battlefield Effectiveness*
Leg them and Leave Them – Not*
One Million Misses*
Focus and the War Machine*
Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge*
Combat Archery – Rock, Paper, Scissors*
Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s*
Brawling or Sniping, a Question of Range*
Combat Archery Class
Introduction to Combat Archery (Part 1)*
Introduction to Combat Archery (Part 2)*
Combat Archery Basics*


How to make Arrows*
How to put on Field tips to arrows*
How to put on nocks onto a wood arrow*
How to make a Tie-on Nocking Point*
SCA-Painting the Feather Thread Wrap*
Archery Equipment Inspections*
Arrow Straightening*
Repairing a String Center Serving*
Making Wooden Arrows, Part 1*
Making Wooden Arrows, Part 2*
Making Wooden Arrows, Part 3*
Making Wooden Arrows, Part 4*
Making Wooden Arrows, Part 5*
Arrow Fletching Using a Jig*
Arrow Crafting*
Introduction to Arrow Cresting*
Evaluation of Asiatic Arrows*
Crossbow Maintenance*
Cresting Demo*
Cross-Bow String Making*
Arrow Paints and Dyes Discussion*
How to Make a Bowstring, Part 1*
How to Make a Bowstring, Part 2*
The Arrow’s Flight*
How to make Arrows like the Tudor’s did*
Building Stands*
Building a Viking Age Quiver*
Building Plausibly Period Arrows*
How to make Throwing Spears*
Arrow Parts/Options*
The Making of an Armguard*
Arrow and Cross-Bow Maintenance*


How to Set up an Archery Range*
Royal Rounds and How they Scored*
Role of the Target Archery Marshal*
Setting Up Period Shots*
Designing a Tournament*
Youth Archery and Range Etiquette*
Discussion of Targets and Target Butts*
SCA Archery Scoring*
SCA Archery Range Courtesy*
How to make Target Stands and Butts*
Target and Competition Design*
Making a Target Stand*
How to Build a Moving Target*
Range Safety and Set Up*
Designing Targets for SCA Archery*
A Collection of Period Archery Competitions *
The Nottingham Competition *
The Rotella and Harlequin Shoots*
The Fitz-Rauf Target*


Caid Authorization Form
Caid Authorization Form Target Archery
A Common Sense Approach to the Care and Feedling of Bows
Royal Round Scoring Sheet
IKAC Scoring Sheet


Caid Target Archery Handbook
Caid Thrown Weapons Handbook
Combat Archery Handbook
SCA-Target Archery Handbook
New SCA-Thrown Weapons Handbook
New SCA-Archery Handbook


Kingdom Web Site
Kingdom of Caid Facebook Page
Thrown Weapons Site
Caid Target Archery facebook page*
Kingdom of Caid Map
Compendum Caidis
Caid Academy of Archers Device
Caid Listing of Baronial Websites
Caid Order of Precedence


SCA Website
SCA Facebook Page
SCA Combat Archery Website
SCA Target and Thrown Weapons Page
Knowne World Map
SCA Scores Site
Inter Kingdom Archery Competition
SCA Combat Archery Group – Facebook*
SCA Women’s Combat Archery Group – Facebook*
SCA Target Archery Group – Facebook*
SCA Thrown Weapons Throwers (Facebook)*
Map of all SCA Target Archery Practices in the Knowne World
Omnibus Martial Peerage Facebook Page*
Quivers & Quarrels Facebook page*
Quiver & Quarrel Newsletter*
SCA Omnibus Peerage Martial Village*
SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Facebook page*


Aethelmearc Facebook Page*
Avacal Archery Facebook Page*
Archers and Thrown Weapons of Avacal*
Archers of An Tir Facebook site*
Artemisia Target Archery (unofficial) Facebook page*
An Tir Facebook page*
Ansteoria Facebook page*
Ansteorra Missile Community*
Ansteorra Thrown Weapons*
Atenveldt Archers (unofficial Facebook page*
Atenveldt Facebook page*
Atlantia Archery*
Atlantia Facebook page*
Calontir Facebook page*
Drachenwald Target Archery*
Archers of Drachenwald*
Ealdomere Facebook page*
East Kingdom Archery*
East Kingdom Thrown Weapons Community Discussion Group*
Gleann Abhann Facebook page*
Combat Archers of Meridies Facebook Page*
Northshield Target and Combat Archery Facebook Page*
Lochac Target and Combat Archery Page*
Lochac Facebook page*
Kingdom of the Middle Facebook group*
Meridies Facebook page*
Midrealm Archers*
Northshield Facebook page*
Outlands Facebook page*
Outlands Archery and Thrown Weapons*
Steppes Bowyer and Fletchers Guild*
Trimaris Facebook page*
Kingdom of the West-Target Archery Facebook page*
West Kingdom Archery Site*
West Kingdom Facebook page*