The Kingdom of Caid maintains a system for the ranking of Archers and all of their date in the SCA Scores website which can be found Here. An Archer’s rank is determined by the average of the archer’s three highest Royal Round scores in a division (Open Division – Handbow, Period Division – Handbow, Open Crossbow Division, Period Crossbow Division, and Youth) during a twelve month time period.


Archery Divisions 

The Open Division includes all hand bows such as longbows, take down bows, recurves, and take down recurves. It excludes modern compound bows.
The Period Division includes  bows modeled after those used before 1650Archers must use self nocked arrows and shot them off the hand.
The Open Crossbow Division includes all crossbows except those with compound prods.
The Period Crossbow Division includes those crossbows that, in form and function, replicate those made before 1650.
The Youth division is open to those who are 14 years of age or younger.  There are no crossbows in the Junior Division.  Upon turning 18, a Junior Division Archer must shoot as an adult.


Royal Round Shoot

A royal round consists of six arrows shot at 20 yards (not timed), six arrows shot at 30 yards (not timed), six arrows shot at 40 yards (not timed) and a timed speed round at 20 yards with as many arrows as can be safely loosed in 30 seconds.  A royal round is shot at standard FITA 60 cm target.  Arrows that hit gold are given 5 points, red-4 points, blue-3 points, black-2 points and white-1 point.  Arrows that touch the dividing lines between the rings are counted for the higher score.


Royal Round Rankings

An archer may achieve separate ranks in different division.  A rank, once achieved, is never lost.  Junior Archers use the average of their highest Junior Royal Round scores.
The scores for each rank are as follows:

Score                    Rank                      Junior Division Rank
0-24                      Novice                    Junior Novice
25-44                    Bowman                 Junior Bowman
45-64                   Yeoman                   Junior Yeoman
65-84                   Forrester                 Junior Forester
85-104                 Bowmaster              Junior Bowmaster
[105+                   Royal Bowmaster    Junior Royal Bowmaster

Many Baronies have rank identification (tassels, belt favors, and pendants, et. al.) that are specific to their Barony which reflect an archer’s royal round ranking.   Caid now has rank medallions in supplementation to these Baronial efforts to raise the visibility of Archery, acknowledge individual achievement, and to promote archery within this Kingdom.  A photograph of these rank medallions is provided below.



From Left to right, the ranks are Bowman, Yeoman, Forrester, Bowmaster, and Royal Bowmaster.  These medallions are usually given out at Baronial Courts or archery events.  Once an archer has obtained the rank of Bowman or above, he or she should contact their Baronial Captain of Archers.  When an archer obtains a new rank, the archer is given the next level of rank medallion and the old rank medallion is returned to the Captain of Archers to give to the next archer who obtains the rank thus allowing the medallions to continue to circulate throughout the Kingdom.

The shooting for Rank is usually done at individual practices or at events.

For a listing of all archers in Caid who have royal round rank gained or maintained in the last twelve months, please click Here. For a listing of all archers in Caid who have rank, please click Here.


Ranking for Other Shoots or Competitions
There are rankings for different type of shoots such as the Inter-Kingdom Archery Competition (IKAC), the Seasonal Society Archery Challenge (SSAC), and the Grand Archery Tourney (GAT).
For the ranking of archers in the GAT in the hand bow division, please click Here.
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For the ranking of archers in the IKAC, please click Here.
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