Reporting is necessary to maintain an organized tracking program for archery activities in the Kingdom. Warranted officials should forward their reports promptly. If this cannot be done, the recipient of the reporting must be notified so that they can accommodate the delay of your information. Repeated delay in reporting will be grounds for repealing a Warrant


Annual Reports

Annual reports are required by all Range Marshals.  These annual reports must include the events participated in as a Range Marshal, any incidents that required reporting while serving as a range marshal, a valid membership number or a copy of the Marshal’s membership card, and a statement that he/she wishes to continue being a Range Marshal.  The Range Marshals in any given geographical area must provide this information to the Captain of Archers as provided in the Kingdom of Archers Handbook.”

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Reports are required by all local Captain or Lieutenant of Archers. These reports must include information on the state of archery in their area, the events held during that quarter, and any significant items (injuries, authorizations, archer problems, etc. ).”
These reports are due on:
March 1st,
June 1st,
September 1st,
December 1st.
Quarterly reports are sent directly to the Master of Archers/Minister of Archers.
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Event Reports

Archery Event Autocrats are required to send a report concerning the event to the Territorial Captain of Archers, where the event took place and to the Minister of Archers.

Injury Reports

The Range Marshal-in-Charge is responsible for filing an Injury Report whenever an injury occurs at an archery event. A copy of the report must be filed with the Minister of Archers and the Kingdom Earl Marshal within 24 hours of the occurrence per Corpora.

Archery Scores

All score sheets must include the name of all archers, their geographical affiliation, and the scores for the shoot. The Archery Event Autocrat of an event that generates archery scores is responsible for forwarding the scores to the Territorial Captain of Archers and the Minister of Archers within ten days of the end of that competition.  Official scores shot at practice should imputed by the Range Marshal-in-Charge of that practice or by the Territorial Captain of Archers